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Dynamic, responsive and fully customisable - a modern news website for UNSW

A visual refresh and a functional overhaul revitalizes the UNSW Newsroom, making it an engaging resource for students, staff and journalists to stay informed on the latest developments in research and opinion from the University.

This Little Duck worked closely with the UNSW Media Office to establish what the most important outcomes of their refresh were and devised scaleable and sustainable solutions to meet them.

A fully-customisable homepage

Our top priority was to give the Media Office the ability to build the Newsroom homepage their way - to customise the look, feel and content of their landing page to suit the content priorities of each unique news day.

Our solution was to build an intuitive and flexible homepage authoring system that allows Media Office staff to construct their own homepage layouts and easily place multimedia-rich content as quickly and efficiently as possible, facilitating constant iteration and an ever-evolving homepage.

With infinite layout and content combinations at their disposal, the Media Office have made Newsroom one of the most dynamic and refreshing news sites in the country.

Innovative solutions to bring quality past content to the fore

This Little Duck used a combination of technical tools and creative content strategies to help give content a longer lifespan and to find ways to re-use older articles as requested by the Media Office.

As well as an auto-populated or curated “similar content” widget, we devised a content type called a “Topic Stack” that facilitates the re-use of similar and timely articles and packages them into a nicely presented content type with a dynamic homepage widget.

A content authoring and inline media overhaul

Drupal Core might not have the prettiest out-of-the-box content authoring system, but with some considered tweaking and customisation we built an efficient and tailored system to suit the needs of the Media Office. With the ability to now drag and drop rich inline media content and add new magazine style features like “breakout boxes” to the body of content, Newsroom articles are more polished and glossy than ever.

Digital magazine solutions

The UNSW Media Office also produces a number of print publications that can now be presented on their Newsroom site using a new content type called “Digital Issues” that groups articles within a publication issue and gives them a landing page, an index and a carousel widget to feature on the front page.

Finding new ways to feature content the Media Office creates was a key challenge for This Little Duck.

What about all of our old stuff?

An often overlooked but imperative step to nail in a website refresh is a solid migration of old data. We successfully migrated thousands of old articles, images and videos, bringing them in line with the new look of the site.