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An app for exploring independent art in the Inner West

An app for exploring independent art in the Inner West

The Inner West area of Sydney is home to one of Australia’s most vibrant independent art communities and the local council is finding new ways for residents to engage and connect with local artists.

We created a mobile-first, progressive web app to allow local residents to explore and navigate their way around local arts festivals.

Inner West Council Art Maps - Fast, Reliable, Engaging

Fast, Reliable, Engaging

The progressive web app feels like a native app and takes advantage of the latest mobile phone technologies to deliver an immersive user experience that drives user engagement. Users can access the app directly from the web and avoid ‘app fatigue’. No more waiting for iPhone or Android versions — there’s a single, beautiful app that works across all devices.

Inner West Council Art Maps - Instant Updates

Instant Updates

The Art Maps app utilises the Inner West Council’s existing Drupal CMS for managing the content on the app. Website managers can easily create and edit the map content and updates are delivered instantly.