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Creating the digital marketplace for Australia’s biggest Garage Sale

Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail started from a simple idea: what if garage sales in the same area took place on the same day, so it was easier for buyers to get awareness, for sellers to browse goods, and for a whole community to be involved?

We worked hand in hand with Garage Sale Trail on a marketplace and data-driven stakeholder portal to serve their innovative sustainability campaign.

Garage Sale Trail - From little things big things grow

From little things big things grow

Starting from a local event in Bondi, Garage Sale Trail has grown over the last four years into Australia’s biggest community/sustainability event, backed by local councils all over Australia. At every level, it’s a win: it reduces waste and clutter, encourages upcycling and reuse, and provides fun and focus for community invigoration.

The campaign continues to be a massive success: each year over 3.5 million people are reached through social media, and the online audience has grown to over 2 million people.

Garage Sale Trail - Enabled by data-driven marketing

Enabled by data-driven marketing

Using live data, the platform allows the Garage Sale Trail team see up-to-the-minute trends in their campaign — giving the team the information to target and deliver relevant messages to different stakeholders.

Garage Sale Trail - Dashboards for stakeholder metrics and engagement

Dashboards for stakeholder metrics and engagement

Coordinating over 100 community councils throughout Australia, 350,000 participants and tracking the millions of items, is not an easy task.

The platform gives local government stakeholders real-time infometrics that let individual councils track the signups and sales in their area, allowing them to see takeup in their area, and plan council involvement for the day.

Garage Sale Trail has strong community engagement and great feedback from participants, backed by outstanding empirical data and results. This is a fabulous project and the enthusiasm is inviting and exciting.

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  • +2M

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